Eden Connor Erotic Romance

Strong heroines and (mostly) blue collar bad boys made here.
dividerI set my stories where I live, in South Carolina,
so expect the handsome stranger to have a
a slow southern drawl.


I’m a child of the Sixties, a graduate of Converse College,
a Delta Zeta, and a Gemini.
I’m also a rabid baseball fan, a lifelong feminist,
a liberal (gasp) and proud of it,
a widow, a grandmother,
a natural blonde,
and a true believer in lust at first sight.

I think telling a woman to practice abstinence
if she can’t afford birth control is hate speech.
I believe all religions lead to the same God.
dividerThe ability to apply eyeliner while driving a stick shift is my superpower.

I’m Eden Connor
and I write contemporary erotic romance.


The ‘Cuda Confessions ~ Book Three
Shelby has chosen: Robert offers safety and security.
But when a racin’ man she loves has been hurt , someone’s gotta pay.
The last leg of Shelby’s journey from virgin, to hellcat, to self-assured woman
is a ride you don’t want to miss.

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The ‘Cuda Confessions ~ Book Two
Now a college senior, Shelby risks going home for Christmas
in order to pay homage to Dale’s milestone with Ridenhour Racing.
Dale makes a jaw-dropping bet, putting her right back where she’s vowed never again to be,
Drag racing on the Carolina back road where Colt Hannah ruined her life.

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The ‘Cuda Confessions Book One
Shelby’s wild race to womanhood  begins the day her mother
brings home a husband the 17 year-old has never met.
Suddenly, she’s off to a new town where racing is king.
To her surprise, her sexy stepbrothers seem interested in her
–maybe a little too interested.
But someone has to be the first to break her heart.
Which stepbrother will it be?

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